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To fulfill all the clients' needs.


In order to do so, we have broadened our offer thanks to our efficient and operational collaboration with three other companies. Together, we can adapt and respond to any situation, even the most unexpected ones.

Manage Protect
& Serve

Luxury caretaking to safeguard all premises, and in particular those where the managers work.
N° d’autorisation : AUT-075-2113-03-06-20140361680

Management & Private Investigations

  • Protection of companies’ intellectual, industrial and commercial property by any legal means or needed investigation.
  • Protection of the interests of individuals or corporations: surveillance, tailing, other investigations.

N° d’autorisation : AUT-075-2112-04-18-20130326089

J-F.R. & Associates

Lending of high-class vehicles with drivers.

N° d’autorisation : EVTC075120027